Friday, April 23, 2010

Cakes for April

April started out slowly for cake orders, but these past two weeks I have been so BUSY with cakes!

I had so much fun with this one!

This one was made using fondant. It's so easy to use, but now I just need to find a good recipe to make my own. It's expensive to buy.

I made a big #1 along with this order. These were 2 little "smash" cakes.

For the girly-girl :-)

In addition to these shown, I did:
~ a round chocolate cake with chocolate icing
~ another firetruck cake
~ another "welcome, baby" cake
So, a total of 10 cakes for April.


Jacqueline said...

What's a smash cake?

Life Made Creations said...

You make cakes, too?? Unbelievable! These look so yummy. Beautiful anniversary cake--did they use the smash cakes??

Carla said...

The smash cakes were for one-year-olds. It's to give to the child to eat (play with) and they usually end up just mushing it around.

Carla said...

BTW, the smash cakes are tiny -- about 3 inches diameter.

Stephanie said...

Those are awesome Carla! I love the fondant one - it's so pretty. Thanks for explaining the smash cake - that's a cute idea!

Lizzy Simpson said...

Great cakes Carla. I've been wanting to try Fondant, but never actually got around to it yet. Your cake looks so wonderful, it makes me want to try it again!


Ali said...

WOW Carla, you're so talented girl!! WTG! Loved seeing your cakes! Butterfly is my FAVE!

Tanya said...

Carla- you are amazing!! What gorgeous cakes... I just made alego shaped cake covered with homemade fondant but it looked NOTHING like yours!! I used a recipe from here: . It was yummy!!