Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Cake Round-Up

I enjoy cake-making and actually do it as a side job (gives me scrapping money!) Most of the cakes I make are character cakes, some with the shaped pans, but most on a slab cake where I ice in the images - usually from coloring book pages.

Here's one of my favorite cakes that I have done. A 16-yr-old came to me with her idea for this cake. She wanted Little Mermaid characters added to a castle.

There are three cakes, iced and set a bit off-center. I iced it all in white to resemble bricks, added some vines and flowers, and for the towers I used paper towel rolls covered in icing. I spread that on the night before (along with a crumb coat on the cakes) and left it to set over-night. The turrets are ice-cream cones. The sand is just brown icing with some graham crumbs on top. The little "stone" pieces around the edges are actually mini-marshmallows cut in thirds and squished a bit to look like stones.


This Wonderpets cake was also a fun one. The cake part is a round cake cut in half and iced together to form the bottom of the flyboat. The wheels were cookies stuck to the cake and then iced. The sail is just a piece of construction paper.


My youngest son always wants a special cake for his birthday. For his 8th birthday he wanted a Lego cake, with the police chasing the Brickster.

You can see more of my cakes HERE!